Myths About Computer Repair

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Any person that has been in computer repair business is fully aware of some myths, which people believe about the computer repair. On Call Tech has dispelled these myths. Unless you are knowledge about computers and electronics, there is a chance that you will fall a victim the following PC repair myths at one given time.

Computer guru knows everything
It is true the computer guru knows more than you know. However, this does not imply that he or she knows everything about all the programs that you installed on your computer. It is true you are computer repair business 1expecting a lot. Nowadays, there are very many programs, and they keep changing. It may take more than one’s lifetime to learn all the programs. You should expect your computer guru to know lot about the common applications in the computer. For instance, it is difficult to for a tech guy to know about programs that are designed for specific industries or applications that are not common.

Computer repair technician can fix website problems
This is another myth that shows how people one person can know a lot of things in the industry. Your computer guy cannot fix issues you have with your website. This is simply because the website is hosted on another server that is built to allow sharing of content and run web pages. Therefore only people that have access to the server can help you with your website problems.

My neighbor or boyfriend can fix it
You will realize that the older generation believes the young generation can fix problems with their computers. Unfortunately, this is an error reasoning. There are some computer guru youngsters that can troubleshoot, write programs, and read about computer architecture. You should note that most young people rely on the internet on how to use the computer. These people are known as “power users.” Such people cannot troubleshoot, computer repair business 2configure, and install software or hardware properly.

I would know when computer is infected with spyware, viruses, or malware
Sometimes it is easy to know when your computer has been infected with malware. You should note that most malicious software is designed to run quietly in the background of your computer. Therefore, it can be the sites you visit and downloads you make. Such viruses try to steal data from you such as passwords. The are other viruses, which can turn your computer into a spamming machine. Unfortunately, all these can happen without your knowledge. Therefore, your computer should be serviced and maintained routinely by experts.

Explore the amazing digital world – Starting an online business

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You are probably one of the many people who are already tired of their nine-to-five jobs that is getting them nowhere in life. And now you are looking into starting an online business. This would be a great move since there is a lot of opportunities in the business world. When you step in this path, you will have the chance to earn more money as long you play your cards right. But how do you start an online business? Where do you start?

Starting an online business

hgashgas87ahjaWith all the technological advancements that we are enjoying these modern days, establishing a business online is so much easier now. Provided that you have a computer, reliable Internet connection, and the right products to offer to the consumers, you are good to go.

The following are important tips to help you begin your journey to the amazing digital business world.

1. The kind of business

You should start thinking of the kind of business that you want to engage yourself in. It would be a good idea to start with something that you already know well in life. This may have something to do with your past work experiences. Your choices are actually endless when it comes to the area that you can focus on. But as much as possible, prioritize something that you are really interested in, something that you are passionate about. This way, you will never get tired of it.

2. The name of your business

Once you have figured out the line of products that you want to offer to the public, it is now time for you to consider the name for your business. Come up with a name that is catchy, something that will attract the attention of the consumers when they hear it. If you need help in creating a name for your online business, you can always utilize some websites that specialize on this.

3. Your business website

jsjsa8ajaAmong the rest, your business website plays a vital role in the success of your endeavor as this will serve as the frontliner. This is the very first thing that people will see as they look for products online. Therefore, you need to have an excellent web design. It is also important that the design of your website goes with the business name ideas that you have in mind.

In order for you to achieve an amazing web design for your site, it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of professional web designers. Click on Perth Web Design for more information.

Four Important Benefits of a Good CMMS Software

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sa33gggCompanies require many things to run smoothly. Such things include a good production team, cash flow, sales staff and a well-oiled marketing.

One element that commercial enterprises such as manufacturing companies, often overlook is maintenance and management software.

That is where CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) Software comes in.

A good CMMS Software:

Reduces Downtime and Repair Costs

When a machine breaks down, downtime always occurs while the machine is waiting to be repaired. In some cases, downtime had been longer, especially when all the parts needed to repair the machine are not readily or easily available. With CMMS software, downtime is reduced as it alerts you when parts need to be ordered prior to the breaking down of a machine. Additionally, CMMS software is able to schedule as well as plan day-to-day maintenance; thus, is not only essential to the maintenance team but also helps reduce repair costs.

Increases Productivity

Aside from helping you schedule preventive maintenance, good CMMS software should let you see instructions for a specific job and know what is required for the job. It should also help you determine whether you possess the parts on hand to finish the task. Ideally, good CMMS software shows pertinent information such as service histories, and warranties, among others. Most of them include mobile data capability, and this promotes flexibility by allowing you to connect to the cloud for easy sharing and access from wherever you are.

Eliminates Paperwork

Using CMMS eliminates the need for clipboards and paperwork since the software can be set to capture information automatically. Moreover, CMMS makes it easier for maintenance technicians to view all information related to work orders on their mobile devices or computers. Therefore, this maintenance personnel does not have to search through the filing cabinets or folders to find the required information, something that saves the organization time.

Prolongs Equipment Life

Regardless of the kind of equipment or asset you own, they will need some maintenance. Carrying out regular preventive maintenance will help your equipment or asset last for longer periods, and this will save you money in the long run. Regularly scheduled maintenance is important in a number of ways; for instance, it not only prolongs your equipment life but also reduces equipment replacements and purchases. Good CMMS software helps decrease any unplanned repair costs by allowing you to see the repairs made to equipment during its lifetime; thus, you can decide whether it should be replaced.


The benefits of a good CMMS software are not only the ones listed above. Others include increased safety and reduced overtime. With such advantages, CMMS software can be a great investment for your organization. Ideally, it is the best solution for those organizations looking to become cost-efficient and effective. With all of these advantages, why wouldn’t you try CMMS software in your company today?