A Closer Look at The Best DJ Turntables

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The world of DJ’ing is very much rewarding. However, with the expansion of technology, it has started to change quite a bit. A number of DJ setups are now digital-based through MIDI and other advancements, which allow you to connect straight to a computer.

How do you choose your DJ turntable?0985745kdgjysfthd

  • Brand preference – It’s always a factor you need to consider when buying a DJ turntable. There are different brand loyalties that you need to choose from.
  • Additional gear – You might require some cases, Dj headphones, platters, or more.
  • What you’re hooking up to – A traditional mixer, a computer, or do you have your mixer yet?
  • Your budget – It’s always at the top of everyone’s list. Some tables are cheap while others are quite expensive.

Best turntables in the market today

jseiy874809756Gemini PT2000

The problem with inexpensive DJ decks is that their build quality is necessarily reduced while the lower quality motors begin to resemble a blancmange when it comes to speed. For the PT2000, it manages to dodge these particular nasty bullets. If you decide to pick up a second-hand direct drive model of Gemini, then try to avoid the low torque as well as functionally disabled belt driven TT-2000.

Stanton STR8150

This is one of the classic DJ turntables available on the market today. This table is pretty new and offers you some of the best features. It has got a super strong torque motor that is very strong. In fact, the stronger the torque motor, the easier and simpler it is to scratch. Also, it features a solid steel build, reverse playing, speed adjustment, adjustable feet, key correction, and pitch control among many others. However, this particular table isn’t USB compatible, but if you are using a traditional setup, then Stanton STR8150 is the best for you.

Numark TTX USB08967kfghdj

Going for around 35 pounds, this table is far from light. Nevertheless, what it losses in portability, it usually makes up for in durability and function ability. Its high torque motor, lock, quartz, USB port, and also dual start/stop buttons work like a breeze. However, what really sets this particular unit apart is simply its digital readout that usually features RPM, torque, pitch and tempo.

These are some of the best DJ turntables that you can choose from.