Lyft Versus Uber Cost

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Both of these companies are surprisingly competing on a head to head level; they are always trying to outdo their competitor on one level or another they make it attractive to their customers because between the two companies none of them wants to feel inferior to the other. This read provides a helpful insight on the Lyft vs Uber cost. Although the cost varies from one city to another, you will find that the cost between these two companies if not the same it is almost the same in the between the two in the same cities.

General Info


When comparing the pricing of these two companies, we check the peak times and the locations where there is likelykkkjjjjjkjjk high demand for transportation. Uber cabs are known to increase their cost seven to eight times their original cost if it is the peak time, or there is high demand for transportation.

However, the thing with Uber cabs they tell you up front and confident that the price has either doubled or tripled they do not expect to keep in mind their charges. While lyft are known to increase their prices up to 200% on the peak times or when the demand for transportation is high. In the peak time or when demand for transportation is great the two companies utilize the concept of price surging- meaning the prices increase because of demand.


In comparing the size uber is without a doubt a larger group than lyft. Thus it has extensive coverage. When it comes to regions where the uber operates but lyft does not work, the uber cabs can manipulate the prices depending on the time they are in that region meaning that uber will increase cover and increase in cost than lyft because those areas there is no competition.

However, when it comes to lyft, they are a rapid growing company and bringing competition to uber by offering promo codes to counteract the way uber dictates the prices in the regions that lyft does not operate.


mnbvxzwqBoth uber, and lyft have reduced the cost. Most people that have decided to leave their cars at home and have decided to try out these new modes of going to other places or other cities, you will find that these owners end up saving more than using more in traveling. Both companies offer comfortable and safe services this make it possible for the passengers to enjoy the ride.

On average in cost both uber and lyft charge on average $2.00 per mile depending on the area of coverage and they both take advantage of price surging on peak times and when demand is high thus they are very little difference in the cost of these two companies.