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Four Important Benefits of a Good CMMS Software

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sa33gggCompanies require many things to run smoothly. Such things include a good production team, cash flow, sales staff and a well-oiled marketing.

One element that commercial enterprises such as manufacturing companies, often overlook is maintenance and management software.

That is where CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) Software comes in.

A good CMMS Software:

Reduces Downtime and Repair Costs

When a machine breaks down, downtime always occurs while the machine is waiting to be repaired. In some cases, downtime had been longer, especially when all the parts needed to repair the machine are not readily or easily available. With CMMS software, downtime is reduced as it alerts you when parts need to be ordered prior to the breaking down of a machine. Additionally, CMMS software is able to schedule as well as plan day-to-day maintenance; thus, is not only essential to the maintenance team but also helps reduce repair costs.

Increases Productivity

Aside from helping you schedule preventive maintenance, good CMMS software should let you see instructions for a specific job and know what is required for the job. It should also help you determine whether you possess the parts on hand to finish the task. Ideally, good CMMS software shows pertinent information such as service histories, and warranties, among others. Most of them include mobile data capability, and this promotes flexibility by allowing you to connect to the cloud for easy sharing and access from wherever you are.

Eliminates Paperwork

Using CMMS eliminates the need for clipboards and paperwork since the software can be set to capture information automatically. Moreover, CMMS makes it easier for maintenance technicians to view all information related to work orders on their mobile devices or computers. Therefore, this maintenance personnel does not have to search through the filing cabinets or folders to find the required information, something that saves the organization time.

Prolongs Equipment Life

Regardless of the kind of equipment or asset you own, they will need some maintenance. Carrying out regular preventive maintenance will help your equipment or asset last for longer periods, and this will save you money in the long run. Regularly scheduled maintenance is important in a number of ways; for instance, it not only prolongs your equipment life but also reduces equipment replacements and purchases. Good CMMS software helps decrease any unplanned repair costs by allowing you to see the repairs made to equipment during its lifetime; thus, you can decide whether it should be replaced.


The benefits of a good CMMS software are not only the ones listed above. Others include increased safety and reduced overtime. With such advantages, CMMS software can be a great investment for your organization. Ideally, it is the best solution for those organizations looking to become cost-efficient and effective. With all of these advantages, why wouldn’t you try CMMS software in your company today?