Apple vs Samsung Latest Smartphones

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Apple and Samsung are the biggest smartphone manufacturers on the planet, and they both have taken very different paths to success. Apple phones are more of objects of desire, and they have always been positioned as premium phones that provide great software ecosystem. Samsung smartphones, on the other hand, have always been about providing brute performance on the Android platform. The specs of Samsung phones are usually class leading,Smartphones 07 and they offer so much more in terms of hardware at similar or lesser price points than Apple. Apple gained the initial advantage in terms of smooth user experience thanks to its refined OS while it took time for Samsung to reach that point as Android evolved itself over a period. Now both Apple and Samsung are bringing in new features such as fingerprint scanner or curved screens to woo the customers. Apple vs. Samsung latest smartphones- if you are
wondering which one to buy, read the below article.


Smartphones 08Samsung still beats Apple hands down when it comes to pure computing capabilities of its smartphones. Apple doesn’t need that superior computing power due to a much more optimized operating system, however, it doesn’t dilute the fact that Samsung is way ahead of Apple in terms of offering the brute power under the shell of its mobiles. Apple does have some tricks up its sleeves with features such as fingerprint scanner and 3D touch. However, Samsung does offer unique hardware features such as curved screen (in Edge phones) and stylus (Note series). The quality of display offered by Samsung is also superior to Apple, both in terms of sharpness of the screen and in terms of the size of its phones. Apple has realized the general customer preference for large phones and is now offering bigger screen sizes with iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus. Both manufacturers offer excellent smartphone cameras, and you will not complain using either of them.

Apple still rules when it comes to software experience of iOS. The Apple OS is highly optimized and is full of features.Smartphones 09 The whole ecosystem of Apple products give you an integrated user experience, and it’s a big advantage for Apple lovers. Samsung phones primarily run on Android, which has now evolved into a great operating system. Both Android and iOS offer App stores with an ample number of applications for its users. Android scores over iOS as the OS is less restrictive, and the cost of ownership of Android-based applications is generally low.


Apple vs. Samsung latest smartphones battle continues with the launch of new models. Both Apple and Samsung offer top of the line phones, but they continue to remain very distinct in terms of what they offer to the customer. Finally, it boils down to the preference of individual customer, as to what set of features he/she would like to have on his/her phone.