Home Security With Lorex Surveillance Cameras

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The Lorex surveillance cameras is often a performing remote control home security system that is primarily useful for overseeing houses and office buildings. This security system includes some helpful characteristics that make it very popular among those people who are looking for ways to boost the security of their houses or businesses. Essentially, the program offers the LCD monitor, the surveillance cameras, remote control, the one-year manufacturer’s warranty and an SD card. Even so, the components may slightly change from one model to another.

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This security system records everything through real-time, and also the built-in microphones allow the digital cameras to capture noise at the same time. Additionally, the USB video grabber and the innovative software allows you to help make your computer part of the surveillance system.

One of the most crucial popular features of the Lorex surveillance cameras is always that it supports dynamic IP. Furthermore, it provides a digital zoom which allows you to see effortlessly details that are tough to discover from a long distance. It has a well-designed alarm that is turned on whenever the safety system detects any movements, and also the PIR (the passive infrared) element allows it do even identify activity within the night. By doing this, regardless if you apply the system for your office or house, it can efficiently protect them day and night.

Remote Surveillance

Another benefit of Lorex surveillance cameras is the fact that you can from another location watch and setup the images within minutes. By doing this, it is simple to configure the configurations from your closeness of the workplace. The images are clearly shown on a large 7-inch LCD screen, and also the system can document at various resolutions. Apart from, based on the version of the security system it may come with a 2 GD SD Card that could store videos and images.

As to what regards the menu, it really is undoubtedly super easy to make use of. It provides an extremely user-friendly interface that allows the client to rapidly record or playback any video. This ability is right while you need to 84734643425double check security video to find out whether or not you might have skipped any aspect. Moreover, the digital cameras come with built-in audio speakers and microphones.


The 12 months warranty is often a valuable substantiation that this company trusts its products. This manufacturer’s warranty certainly comes in handy if the security system reduces plus it needs to be predetermined.

In conclusion, it must be pointed out that this price/quality relationship is a good one in what regards the Lorex CCTV home security system. This advanced security system allows you to protect your household and business by monitoring everything that continues around them in real-time. It is cheap, impressive and has some features that can make it an extremely reliable surveillance system.