Tips to Starting Your Own Blog Online

You could have heard of many different success stories of various bloggers on the internet and could be mulling over starting your own blog as it feels great and satisfying. The only problem could be that you have no idea how to go about starting your own blog online. This should not worry you at all as below are some easy steps that you could use to start your own blog in a record time:

Choosing a Blogging Platform You PreferMoney Online 01

Choosing the platform where you want to build your blog on ought to be the first step when starting out in the process of starting your blog. There are so many platforms out there that you could choose to start your blog on it, and a good example is the WordPress, which is massive. Other platforms to choose include Tumblr and Blogger. The platform you will choose will provide you with the right plugins, add-ons, different designs as well as the layout you can choose for your blog.

Free or Paid Blogs

This is the second major decision that you will have to make concerning your blog. You can either choose to grab a free blog or pay for it if you so wish. There are numerous free blogs that can be grabbed by anyone and they include Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, etc. They are great to use but if you want your blog to be super serious, then you can consider the paid blogs option. Free blogs have some downsides like one cannot have a domain name of their own, they are limited in terms of monetizing them, uploading images and videos and lastly one does not really own their blog as it is hosted on another person’s web property.

Starting Your Blog

To start blogging, you will need to come up with a domain name and choose the company that will host your blog. The hosting company will be the one responsible for putting your blog up online for people to be able to see it as well as save all your blog content.

Design your Blog

Affiliate Marketing 14After clearing with all the above steps, you can begin the fun part of this process by customizing your blog exactly as you want it to look. You can be able to choose different themes from your blog platform or download some from premium sites like You can also alter the template of your blog whenever you please, but it is important to ensure that the design, theme and template you settle for is relevant to the content of your blog.

All the above steps are the key pointers of starting your own blog online. Once you have your blog ready, you can research further on ways to make it popular as well as ways of making money blogging. It is as easy as shown above to create your own blog.